Caty Gene Studio | A GARDEN & GUN BIRTHDAY | Rowan's Second Birthday Party

A GARDEN & GUN BIRTHDAY | Rowan's Second Birthday Party

April 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

People always say that time flies once they become parents. That one day their baby is born and the next, they're going off to college. In the beginning time seemed to drag on endlessly for me. The sleepless nights, the nonstop colicky crying, the constant needing of my mind, body and soul. It was exhausting. Suffocating. There were days I couldn't comprehend why anyone would put themselves through such torture. It couldn't possibly be worth it. But then he smiled. He reached for my hand as he took his first steps. He laughed from the core of his being. And somewhere along the way, I began begging for time to stand still. To leave me indefinitely in this stage of my sweet boy's life. Because how could it ever get any better than this very moment?

How could I possibly love him anymore than I do right now?

And then he called me 'Momma'. Then he reached for our dogs paw when he saw Finn trembling at the vets. He tenderly kissed my forehead when he realized I had a 'boo boo'. The truth is, every stage of our son's life is phenomenal. Each seemingly better than the last. 

Rowan, you are our greatest joy. Watching you discover the world around you and make it a kinder place one hug at a time is a privilege we will never take for granted.

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy. 


Pam Walter(non-registered)
What can I say? You're fabulous! Happy Birthday to Rowan. Beautiful!
Caty beautiful as always!! Can you give me details on your pergola?
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