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OUR NEXT CHAPTER | A Mid Century Modern Toddler's Room

February 03, 2017  •  6 Comments

Drumroll please.....

We're having another baby!!!!!

We are over the moon excited, albeit admittedly frightened too. The prospect of having to divide my attention and energies between two children and a sweet old dog is absolutely terrifying to this pregnant Momma. Our son has been the sole recipient of my nearly undivided attention for almost two years now. And suddenly he's going to have to share me with a sibling?!? The guilt is overwhelming at times. And yet the way he gently kisses my belly when I ask where his baby brother or sister are, reassures me that he's going to be ecstatic with our new addition. 

In anticipation of our next great chapter, my gears started spinning about this new space the moment I learned I was pregnant again. The nursery is already complete so it was time to transform our guest room into Rowan's 'big boy' room. My vision for this was that it be cozy and inviting, masculine and timeless. I want this to be a space he still enjoys calling his own when he's 15. Though let's be honest, I'll have redone it 10 different times by that point. In the end though, this is now my absolute favorite spot in the house. It's where we snuggle to read books on cold, dreary days and welcome the warm afternoon sun that bathes the bold walls with light.

I hope you enjoy! 

This room is our only spare bedroom and we really needed it to accommodate adults when friends and family were in town. That meant designing a bed frame using our full size mattress versus a twin. I don't remember exactly when the idea came to me to make a house frame bed, but I have a feeling it was around the time I was designing our own dream house. I knew I wanted something simple and elegant, yet spatial. And the outline of the framing of a house seemed like the perfect marriage of those prerequisites. Not to mention for the son of an architect ; ) It is exactly as I had envisioned and is structurally sound being made of 4x4s. Which is a good thing, my husband reminds me, since it won't be long before Rowan is using it as a jungle gym. 

Reading has become one of Rowan's greatest loves so it was critical he have ample book storage. For fear of having a bookcase topple over on him (and not wanting to drill into the walls more than necessary) I opted for repurposing a vintage wood crate into a mobile library. I have a soft spot for old wooden boxes and have quite a collection of them in our basement, much to my husband's dismay. So I decided to grab one, sand it down to remove all the splinters, screw in a few casters and apply a nice coat of wax for protection. Not only has it been great for book storage, but Rowan loves to wheel it all around the room. 

One other minor addiction I have may be to throw pillows. I really don't believe you can have too many. I stopped counting in here after 10! But don't they just whisper, 'come relax and let me take away all your troubles?' 

I had been tossing around ideas for a round nightstand, again for safety (yay, no sharp corners!), when I remembered an old electrical spool I had been storing in our workshop for years. Another thing I insisted we move with us, despite never having an intended resting place for it. But it was just too cool to leave behind. If memory serves this was a whopping $25 craigslist find. Another quick sand and wax job and it fit the bill nicely. The lamp on top was a nasty black color when I found it at a local thrift store. But for a mere $5, the lines were amazing and would perfectly compliment my MCM vision with a fresh coat of paint.  

This mirror remains one of my favorite finds to date. Can you believe someone threw it out with their garbage?!?! This thing is absolutely SOLID and the details, oh the details. There's just something about old pieces that are so alluring to me. If only they could tell the stories of the tales they've seen. Speaking of history, the chest that this piece is resting upon was built by my late grandfather. Growing up I used it as a toy chest and now it seems only fitting that our son do the same. He is, afterall, very much a spitting image, in character and in build, of his great grandfather. 

Can we just talk curtains for a minute? I spent way more time then I care to admit coming up with beautiful and functional blackout options for this space. After weeks of purchasing and trying multiple options, many of which were uber pricey and required lots of retrofitting on my end, I finally found these gorgeous drapes on Amazon for a mere $10 a panel! I could hardly believe it. They are 96" long, an extremely luxurious fabric and nearly completely room darkening. And aren't they stunning?!?! 

On to my most recent love affair. Most everything else in this space I already had, but a sleek mid century dresser I did not. If you've ever shopped around for these you know they can run into the high hundreds. That unfortunately was just not in my budget. So with the help of an amazing friend who found this piece for me, I refinished it, bringing all it's mid century splendor to light. When I initially purchased it for $85 from a local consignment store, the only thing it really had going for it were the tapered legs. It had 12 bulky wooden knobs and was an awful orange color. With a little elbow grease, some fabulous vintage pulls from my favorite local salvage shop and a fresh coat of paint and stain I am smitten with the results. 

One final gift from his great grandfather, Mike Todd's personal sextant. This piece is in mint condition and was actually gifted to my husband by my parents the first Christmas we were married. They were traditionally used to assist with marine navigation, a skill near and dear to Ryan's heart. Although Rowan is most fascinated by the skeleton key that locks and unlocks it at this point, it promises to be a great adventure for he and his father when the time comes. 


Lee Calisti(non-registered)
I'm so happy for you...what great news. Nice colors on the room too. It's so great to hear how well you're doing. We both know that kids are actually so much better than architecture! (My son is almost 15).
You are amazing!!! Can you decorate my house!! :) and CONGRATS!!! I'm frightened about all the same things but having a sibling is the best isn't it? Love you all! Hope you feel good momma
Nancy Norton Foster(non-registered)
Congrats, it is even more fun with the second child :) Love the room, also looks perfect for a certain Grandma to visit !!
I absolutely love it and your styling!
robin hauger(non-registered)
Congratulations - this is beautiful, I adore the house frame bed and all the little details, it is a piece of artistry.
the love behind all the details you gave the room shines through. heart heart heart
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