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A LABOR OF LOVE | Embraceable Ewe Design | Latrobe, PA

January 03, 2017  •  7 Comments

Ever since I can remember I've had a hand-knit article of clothing in my possession. A pair of socks, gloves, hats, sweaters. You name it and my Mom had made it. Not only for me, but for my sister, my father, my husband, her friends, her friend's friends. The list goes on and on. Growing up this was something I always took for granted. After all, they were as much a staple in my life as air is to any other child. But then I had a child of my own and suddenly these were no longer just bundles of pretty colors and patterns.

They were heirlooms.

These tangible items that have the ability to transport us, to remind us of a time forgotten. The sweaters that my son wears today will be worn by his children one day. And the socks and hats that kept me warm so many winters will be faithful to him when the time comes. And one day, many many years from now, when my Mom is gone, we will be able to wrap ourselves in her love.



Linda Balles(non-registered)
I've watched your Mom effortlessly knit many beautiful sweaters while walking around & talking to a roomful of people at the same time. Just amazing. Such a talented person with a wonderful family!
Caty Gene Studio
Thank you so much for everyone's amazing comments and stories about my Mom. Truly special and much appreciated.
Diana Lundquist(non-registered)
These are phenomenal! The talent and eye for beauty in this family is incredible!!!!
Patty Calvano(non-registered)
I enjoyed this post SO MUCH. And you are totally right, they are herilooms. Your mom is so
Insanely talented . I want all those sweaters. Love you guys!
Nancy Norton Foster(non-registered)
I'm proud to say I have known your mother since we were little girls growing up in Nantucket ! I knew she was amazing even then...I can still picture her swirling gracefully on the ice at Mill Pond, leaving me standing still in awe (and fear that I would fall down again ) ! Her accomplishments are extraordinary, but perhaps most importantly, she has raised two equally amazing, intelligent and caring daughters and is now having the same impact (and wonderful knit wear for ) on her beautiful grandchildren ! When Heidi's official book is published, I will ask for her autograph for the second time in my life...the first was in 3rd grade at Academy Hill School in Nantucket when we girls "discovered" autograph books in the 5&10 store :)
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