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A Mimosa Farm Wedding | Beth & Wayne | Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Photographers

September 24, 2016  •  2 Comments

Six years ago I accepted a position at a high end architectural firm in downtown Norfolk. My first day there, the CEO helped me get all my financial and important paperwork in order. To say she terrified me is an understatement. She had this air about her. She was beautiful, serious and clearly extremely intelligent. If you had told me that day that nearly a decade later we'd be good friends and I'd be photographing her wedding, I would have spit my milk in your face. As it turns out, that initially intimidating woman is actually a total doll with a soft spot for golden retrievers and babies. She simply is spectacular at her job and takes the success of the company very seriously.

When Beth approached me with the big plans for she and her fiance, Wayne's, wedding day, I was literally jumping up and down on the other end of the phone. Not only was it so special to play a critical role in their marriage, it was one hell of a venue to shoot. Perhaps its the country girl in me, but as I drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, leaving the strip malls of Virginia Beach in my rear view mirror in exchange for open fields and fresh air, my soul was at ease. There is just something about driving on back country roads with the windows down and music blasting that will always do it for me. If for nothing else, thank you both for that. 

But that is just the beginning. As you turn onto Mimosa Farm's property, you are quite literally traveling down a mile long driveway, leaving everything behind and entering a world that is at once remote, elegant and pristine. At the end of the driveway, your patience is rewarded with a simple yet jaw dropping 19th century farmhouse nestled back in the woods. To the side is a beautifully restored barn, designed by none other than the groom himself. If you're lucky enough to explore this gem, you will quickly discover that in addition to an immaculate guest cottage and multiple magnificent dilapidated outbuildings, the property also boasts 1500 feet of shoreline on Eyre Hall Creek. To put it simply, it's my idea of heaven. 

It's safe to say that between a bride and groom who adore each other, their collective brood of 3 lovely children and this stunning venue, the question circling through my mind all day was,

'Is this really my job?!?'

Thank you Beth and Wayne for inviting me into this magical day of yours. It was truly an honor and privilege. 


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Thank you Ryann!
Beautiful job Caty! Love all your details and creativity you put into every shot. ❤️
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