Caty Gene Studio | TOUCHSTONE FARM ENGAGEMENT | CADY + JARED | Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Photographer

TOUCHSTONE FARM ENGAGEMENT | CADY + JARED | Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Photographer

July 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of my earliest memories of Cady was as a child. She couldn't have been more than five. Even at that young age, she had this way about her. This effortless beauty that would draw you in. And the kindest of hearts that would make you never want to leave. It's been over two decades since I've seen her, but those first impressions are just as accurate today as they were back then. 

Then there is Jared. Obviously, he's alright to look at. But my God, can this man make me laugh. I distinctly remember having to put my camera to the side at least twice during this session because I was tearing up from laughing so hard. And Cady never misses a beat. The two of them feed off of one another, taking every opportunity to jab the other. But don't be fooled, their humor is not compensating for a lack of true connection. There were equally quiet, intimate moments that would make the most cynical of onlookers buckle at the knees. What Cady and Jared share is sincere, raw and transparent. And therefore so unbelievably wonderful to photograph <3

Couldn't resist sharing these blueberry toss bloopers! 

Any hope I had of photographing their wedding may have just gone out the window along with their blueberry tossing skills, but I couldn't resist. Check out that blueberry action about to smack her straight in the head!

In a nutshell? This is Cady + Jared :)


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