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May 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This family is the perfect example of client turned friend, dear dear friend. Two years ago, Abbie contacted me about scheduling a session to photograph her family. At the time, it included her beautiful twin girls, Adeline and Isabelle, her hunky husband, Brian, and two of the most loving Golden Retrievers you'll ever meet, Lizzie and Summer.  

In twenty four months we have shared both unimaginable hardships and beautiful blessings. The most significant of these for me, the birth of my son. Few people know, but I had had a very difficult and painful pregnancy. At 33 weeks, with my husband quite literally on the opposite side of the country, our little man decided to make his arrival in the middle of the night. Abbie had patiently sat by my side at the hospital earlier that day when I went in for complications and what I believed to be preterm labor. So that evening, after being discharged and told I was overreacting, my water broke at midnight. My first call was to my husband to tell him to get his butt home. My second was to my Mom and sister who live 7.5 hrs away and made it in a record 5. And my third was to Abbie, who by the grace of having two babies of her own, just so happened to be awake at that wee hour. She met me at the hospital only moments after arriving myself. And for any first time Moms who have not gone through labor without their spouse or family, let me tell's terrifying, especially when your baby is coming 7 weeks before he's ready. But thanks to Abbie, I wasn't alone or without family. 

Abbie is one of those special people that you immediately can be yourself around and feel connected to. There is a warmth to her as if she's known you her whole life, even when meeting you for the first time. And there is a comfort she exudes, this motherly way of reassuring you that everything will be OK, just when you're about to loose hope. She is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. 

Today this beautiful family has grown to include Baby Garrett, as his big sisters adoringly refer to him. So of course it was time for another session <3

  How stinkin' cute is she?!? 


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