NOELLE'S INDUSTRIAL BOUDOIR SESSION | Abandoned Pier | Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Photographer

August 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This girl, sigh. Where do I even begin? She is what you call a true friend. The kind that aren't afraid to tell you when your hair looks a hot mess and you could probably use a shower, but will still sit next to you at Starbucks, regardless. The kind that drive 45 mins after working 10 hours just to keep you company in the evening when your spouse is deployed. They are your rock. Listening when you need it and distracting when you need it more. They are the kind you keep close, hold tight and never take for granted. 

She also just so happens to be DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.

So when she approached me about doing a boudoir session I slipped her into some stunning vintage lingerie and threw her in the middle of a public pier before she could change her mind. It takes a very strong and confident person to pose in minimal clothing in a remote, but public place. And although we evaded any confrontations, there was a very real possibility that we'd come face to face with a fisherman or pedestrian out for a stroll. Therefore I owe her a huge 'thank you' for trusting my crazy idea and being bold enough to see it through. The results are exactly what I had envisioned. And had the stars not started to shine, I probably would have kept her there until sunrise. Speaking of self assurance, this session was done for none other than herself. Can I just say how amazingly proud I am of her and hope that any daughters I have grow up to share this kind of self-love and self-worth.

Oh, and have I mentioned she's single?


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